Friday, August 26, 2011

Working Title: "A Challenge"

I hope to begin to update this more regularly. My goal for the school year is to read books, improve my physical fitness, and write a whole lot more. With several great video games releasing in coming months i'm not sure how successful my endeavors will be. Here's a poem i just busted out. I was inspired a bit by the Hip Hop artist K-OS (pronounced chaos). I've included a music video of a song i enjoy from his album Joyful Rebellion (2004) at the end of this post.

the world's full of bitter truths
missed opportunities, miseducated youth.
the mirrors on the wall see it all reduced
the fear is in us all we don't care for truth
we can't help but stare at a stupid fool
fall in love like narcissus in an unused pool

no splashing acrobatics just
automatic nonaction
a monu-mental contraction
brought on by all this distraction-
cordless ideaaas and wireless sentences
with knowing online who swings for the fences?

photograph this if poetry's dead:
living walking empty head
trying to love and fucking it up.

but you're full of beauty
in a world of dark ash
and my heart's full of a fire
hotter than greed and cash

you can give up hope babe
but never desire
so lift up your tired eyes a bit higher
lift up your tired eyes a bit higher